scribes and Pharisees … !!! All those featured «butcher» Assad, now worried about ISIS !!!

… all of they who has give guns in ISIS .. and buy the ISIS oil … TODAY worried !!!
* Only the » Golden Dawn Hellenism » I had been clear view … and speaks for » national countries »
   and not state, which would consist, from a society of man – minced meat
* NO to Slavery and the slave trade and the open prisons,
   » see at Greece … in 10.000.000 citizens,
about 4.000.000 … are muslim persons and do not have nothing to make … have entrapped !!!
  all they persons what they must doing …, tommorow ????
* Not in feuds States with … orders of any dynast …
* must Return all of these » entrapped persons » in their home !!!
  … Must help these persons in their countries !!!
* the globalists like to have an »society of man – minced meat»
but is no possible have FAILED !!!




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