$XAUUSD – xauusd long –

good Πηγή: $XAUUSD – xauusd long –

Πηγή: $XAUUSD – xauusd long –


… only for my friends .. MAY I HAVE YOUR ATTENTION for few minutes !!!

*The opinion says, HELLAS located ‘one minute’ before the eruption of serious developments and turners all of geopolitical ‘status quo’ of last 100 years,                                                                                                               pending developments that … RUN !!!
* Natural .. the Westerners care to fill ‘foreigners / settlers’ in HELLAS territory for to have an ‘body-resistance’,
for protection from one ‘hit’ to the political establishment …
* But and here,
the ‘west-charlatans’ played wrong … These same ‘strangers’ will hit the ‘jailers ‘ and all those, who care to their ‘shove’ in an ‘open prison’ … ‘slave’ one ‘Slavery-mercilessly’
* Attention !!!
* Attention !!! just before upcoming dramatic developments upset everything … not only in the area … but throughout the Europe … with big loser will is the USA !!!
* These tells us the opinion …                                                                                and see if it has fallen to correctly forecast !!!

‘Uncle Sam’ Happy New Year 2016 … ??? … but seem is not so happy !!!

‘Uncle Sam’ Happy New Year 2016 … ???
… but seem is not so happy !!!

as you know .. except if you still have not told you anything, your bosses and your advice and you still sleeping …

Well ….

… At little time comes complete reversal in the Mediterranean … the big party will launch a little … when in HELLAS comes, this who too many people of geo-strategic / financial ‘analysts’ wait from moment to moment !!!

* the ‘Unwrinkled man’
at the moment where the US and your own ‘EU – Shop of USA’ chasing ‘ghosts’, the ‘Unwrinkled man’
up imaginative theories alliances …
and now as ‘guarantor’.
These alliances will overturn total all geopolitical / economic ‘status quo’ of the LAST 150 – 200 years …

… And the ‘Unwrinkled man’ know very well the West .. that is impossible to oppose available … of war technology …

Deliberate and has left leaking a small scale …
The West know that …
someone can blind throughout the war machine and play war… same ‘one man show’

and ‘war organization machine’ eg NATO type who think they can … and this will prove totally unprepared …

… perhaps Everything starts from ‘mystic’ HELLAS ‘Uncle Sam’ have blinded and he not see the TRAIN has gone … and ‘WEST charlatans … have stayed out of the trip

… ‘West charlatans’ was forced will wait the developments that occur in the course of the journey …

*** Pending action by ‘Fatherland Forces’ from moment at moment
and do not think you … ‘you will be able to check upcoming fact … ‘

… Well ‘Uncle Sam’ and for your friends … Everything is end
the disclosure the Armageddon WHO many people said they expected … seem to comes … has launched …

   7>E<7 Dorians Return !!!

*** https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kiM4ccTbuZc


Οι τράπεζες μας στέλνουν ταχυδρομικά το ενημερωτικό φυλλάδιο που αφορά τον κώδικα δεοντολογίας του Ν. 4224/2013 και μας ζητάν να συμπληρώσουμε όλα τα στοιχεία και πληροφορίες με τις οποίες θέλουν να μας δέσουν χειροπόδαρα όχι μόνο εμάς, αλλά τα παιδιά και τα εγγόνια μας. ΗMΟΙΡΑΣΟΥ ΤΗΝ ΑΛΗΘΕΙΑ           



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