‘Uncle Sam’ Happy New Year 2016 … ??? … but seem is not so happy !!!

‘Uncle Sam’ Happy New Year 2016 … ???
… but seem is not so happy !!!

as you know .. except if you still have not told you anything, your bosses and your advice and you still sleeping …

Well ….

… At little time comes complete reversal in the Mediterranean … the big party will launch a little … when in HELLAS comes, this who too many people of geo-strategic / financial ‘analysts’ wait from moment to moment !!!

* the ‘Unwrinkled man’
at the moment where the US and your own ‘EU – Shop of USA’ chasing ‘ghosts’, the ‘Unwrinkled man’
up imaginative theories alliances …
and now as ‘guarantor’.
These alliances will overturn total all geopolitical / economic ‘status quo’ of the LAST 150 – 200 years …

… And the ‘Unwrinkled man’ know very well the West .. that is impossible to oppose available … of war technology …

Deliberate and has left leaking a small scale …
The West know that …
someone can blind throughout the war machine and play war… same ‘one man show’

and ‘war organization machine’ eg NATO type who think they can … and this will prove totally unprepared …

… perhaps Everything starts from ‘mystic’ HELLAS ‘Uncle Sam’ have blinded and he not see the TRAIN has gone … and ‘WEST charlatans … have stayed out of the trip

… ‘West charlatans’ was forced will wait the developments that occur in the course of the journey …

*** Pending action by ‘Fatherland Forces’ from moment at moment
and do not think you … ‘you will be able to check upcoming fact … ‘

… Well ‘Uncle Sam’ and for your friends … Everything is end
the disclosure the Armageddon WHO many people said they expected … seem to comes … has launched …

   7>E<7 Dorians Return !!!

*** https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kiM4ccTbuZc



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