… only for my friends .. MAY I HAVE YOUR ATTENTION for few minutes !!!

*The opinion says, HELLAS located ‘one minute’ before the eruption of serious developments and turners all of geopolitical ‘status quo’ of last 100 years,                                                                                                               pending developments that … RUN !!!
* Natural .. the Westerners care to fill ‘foreigners / settlers’ in HELLAS territory for to have an ‘body-resistance’,
for protection from one ‘hit’ to the political establishment …
* But and here,
the ‘west-charlatans’ played wrong … These same ‘strangers’ will hit the ‘jailers ‘ and all those, who care to their ‘shove’ in an ‘open prison’ … ‘slave’ one ‘Slavery-mercilessly’
* Attention !!!
* Attention !!! just before upcoming dramatic developments upset everything … not only in the area … but throughout the Europe … with big loser will is the USA !!!
* These tells us the opinion …                                                                                and see if it has fallen to correctly forecast !!!



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